We need your assistance in planning our Educational Programs. Please take a few minutes to answer our annual membership survey. We value your input and we will make every effort to improve this chapterís activities based on your responses.

Completing our survey by the Friday, March 16, 2018 deadline entitles you to be entered in a drawing to be held at the April PDM. There will be two winners: Each will receive a certificate for a free PDM. You must be present at the April PDM to win. Be sure your name is on the survey!

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  1. On a scale of 1 to 5, how likely are you to recommend this chapter and its offerings to a colleague or friend?:

    1 ---------------------------- 3 --------------  4 -------------- 5    

       Not at all likely                            Neutral                                     Extremely Likely          

  2. Which of the following communication(s) vehicles do you find helpful? 
    Chapter newsletter (printed) Chapter LinkedIn Group
    Chapter newsletter (email)   Facebook
    Chapter website   Announcements at Meetings (PDMs)
    Other (explain)

  3. What factor is most important in your decision to remain an APICS Member?  (check one)
    Professional Development Access to Job Listings
    Access to discounted literature/seminars, etc.   Job Requirement
    Networking CPIM and/or CSCP Certification         
    Other Factor (also, please note if you are not an APICS member)

  4. My company reimburses me for (check all that apply):
    Membership Dues Certification Classes
    Dinner Meetings Seminars
    Certification Exams

    None of the above (explain)

  5. The number of Professional Development Dinner Meetings put on by the North Shore Chapter that I have attended in the past 12 months is:

    None  1 - 2  3 - 4  5 - 6  7 - 10

  6. I would have attended more meetings if (check all that apply and explain):
    The location was changed from Woburn to  
    The meeting day was changed from Tuesday to 
    The cost was reduced to 
    Different topics
    Different speakers 
    More plant tours
    Other reasons

  7. Would your company be interested in hosting:   a Plant Tour an Educational Workshop


    Contact:      Phone:

  8. What APICS Certifications are you currently pursuing?  (check all that apply)

    Pursuing CPIM             Not pursuing CPIM                     Already achieved CPIM

    Pursuing CSCP             Not pursuing CSCP                    Already achieved CSCP

  9. If you are pursuing an APICS Certification, what instructional format would you prefer?
    Chapter Workshop
    Traditional Weekly Workshop (e.g., one evening per week over 9-12 weeks)
    Less formal Instructor-led Study Group
    Compact every-other week sessions lasting several hours (e.g., every other Saturday morning)

  10. Is there anything the Chapter can do to help you achieve APICS Certification or other professional goals?

  11. Please check the three topics which would most interest you at a Dinner Meeting or Seminar:
    Performance measurements (KPI) Compliance Management (Conflict Minerals, RoHS, EICC, etc.)
    Negotiation CPIM Certification Topics, including: Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM), Master
     Planning of Resources (MPR), Detailed Scheduling & Planning (DSP), Execution & Control of 
            Operations (ECO), Strategic Management of Resources (SMR)
    Logistics/Traffic CSCP Certification Topics, including: APICS Supply Chain Management Fundamentals, Supply
     Chain Strategy, Design, and Compliance Implementations and Operations
    Project Management Career Management
    Risk Management Other
    Lean Manufacturing/Six Sigma
    International Outsourcing
    S&OP and Forecasting/
            Demand Management
    Warehouse Management
    Cycle Time Reduction
    Strategic Sourcing
    Emotional Intelligence
    Vendor Managed Inventory


  12. Can you recommend a speaker whom you would like to hear at a Professional Development Meeting?

    Speaker Name:

    Contact Info:      

  13. I would be interested in helping this Chapter in the following areas (check all that apply and fill in your contact information below):
Educational Workshops Seminars
Student Chapters Programs
Company Coordinators  Employment
Membership Newsletter
Instructor Website

Providing contact information is optional, but fill it in for a chance in the drawing!

Name:    Job Title:    


                          Thank you for taking the time to give us your input.  We hope to see you at an upcoming meeting!