Bruce Hamilton, President of GBMP

Bruce HamiltonBruce Hamilton is President of GBMP, a Boston-based non-profit that provides Lean assistance to manufacturing and healthcare. GBMP is also an affiliate of the Shingo Institute.

Prior to joining GBMP, Mr. Hamilton led efforts at United Electric Controls to revise its manufacturing systems from traditional batch production to one-piece part and information flow. The firm was recognized as a 1990 recipient of the Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence. Bruce has also held positions in marketing, computer systems, materials management and general management. He brings to his clients a broad-based understanding of manufacturing.

He is author and actor in the 2004 Shingo Prize winning video, Toast Kaizen (recipient of the 2005 Academic Shingo Prize) used world-wide to introduce the basics of Lean manufacturing, as well as Moments of Truth, a how-to leadership video targeted to management and supervision, and co-author of the comprehensive multimedia traiing package, e2 Continuous Improvement System, which combines GBMP's DVD series with self-study workbooks, classroom learning and workplace practice. Mr. Hamilton has also been featured in the SME video, Mistake-proofing and in AMA's video Change Management series, Winning Through Change.

In 2000 he was inducted into the Shingo Prize Academy, and in 2015 was inducted into the AME Manufacturing Hall of Fame.