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The North Shore Chapter  is preparing for our next season of Professional Development Meetings (PDM). Interested? We'd love to hear from you! If you or someone you know would like to present at our meetings, please contact

Top Five Unintended Leadership Pitfalls,
and How To Remedy Them
Top Management/Leadership Night
Joint meeting with Boston APICS
 Wednesday March 14th, 2018

Please join us as we welcome David A. Goddard, Principal with Oliver Wight, on Wednesday March 14th at Montvale Plaza in Stoneham, for our Top Management/Leadership Night, held jointly with Boston APICS.

After 20 years working with executive teams to achieve Class A performance, there are some classic mistakes David has encountered, regardless of industry. During this presentation, he'll walk through the top five leadership challenges, recognize the part we have all played in making similar decisions or directions, and then talk through how successful companies manage their way through to better leadership positions.

It is not his intent to point the finger at anyone in this presentation; rather let’s take a moment to laugh at ourselves a little bit, and then talk through the reality of the situations.

Perhaps we have all made the following statements:

     • "I don't ever want to run out of that again."
     • "What can we pull in from next month?"
     • "Yes,yes - we can do that strategic initiative, it’s on my top five priorities for this year."
     • "Of course we can take that order, the plant is only loaded to 50% of its revenue target."
     • And more...

This presentation will explore the pitfalls, as well as the suggested remedies for each pitfall. We look forward to some fun and interactive learning! 


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5:30 pm

Dinner and Presentation

6:15 - 8:15 pm

Please make your reservation by 5 pm, Monday, March 12, 2018

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