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APICS has announced that they are reconfiguring the CPIM modules, going from five modules to two, starting this fall. While this is a big change, it's also a great opportunity to begin your certification journey, or finish what you've been putting off.

Prior to this year, a candidate had to pass five exams to earn the CPIM. They are Basics of Supply Chain Management (Old Basics), Master Planning of Resources, Detailed Scheduling and Planning, Execution and Control of Operations, and Strategic Management of Resources
The new two-module CPIM will be launched this fall, and will consist of an expanded version of BSCM (New Mega Basics) as well as a second module combining the concepts of MPR, DSP, ECO, and SMR (New Capstone). The cost for each new class and exam will be higher than the old classes, since there is a significant increase in content for each module. However, the total time to get your certification will be shorter.

The opportunity to earn the CPIM on the old five-module track will be open through the end of 2018. HOWEVER, those who wish to do so must pass BSCM and one other test before the end of 2017. Thus, you can't wait until 2018 to take all your tests. You must take and pass at least two this year.

If you take and pass the BSCM (Old Basics) exam this year (2017), that exam is good for 10 years, and counts the same as taking and passing the exam for New Basics under the two-module track. Thus, if you've taken BSCM, and have been putting off the exam, make sure you take it THIS YEAR! If you do, you'll already be done with 50% of the certification!

If you haven't started your certification as of yet, we'll be offering CPIM classes under the coming new reconfiguration (two-module track) starting this September. Keep checking our website at

Here is more information about the reconfiguration:
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I know this is a lot of information, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Pete Frasso, CPIM, at Best of luck to all of you!